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Features for buyers and sellers

Secure escrow

Money or auth code first? With our platform, we solve this problem.


Sell your domain in the currency of your choice: USD, GBP or EUR.

VAT compliant

We get it, taxes can be hard. That's why we do it for you. Easy as that.

Easy migration

Using a different platform? Simply export and import and you are done!

How it works

Sell your domain in three easy steps

Buying and selling a domain should be easy. We make sure it is easy and safe.

To buy a domain, all you have to do is send an offer to the seller or pay the buy-now price. We will keep your money safe in our escrow account until you have control of the domain you bought.

Selling a domain is a simple three step procedure. List your domain, accept an offer and transfer the domain. As soon as the domain is transferred, we will transfer your funds directly from our escrow account.

List domains

Add your domains to our platform and change your nameservers.

Receive offers

Receive offers from potential buyers or set a buy-now and sell instantly.

Finalize the transfer

After we have received the money from the buyer, we'll ask you to provide us with the necessary data to initiate the transfer.

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